Peace Sign Pendant

The peace sign pendant is known the world over and globally recognised as the sign used in demonstrations against nuclear war. On February 21st 1958 Gerald Holtom, a British artist put the finishing touches to the sign he had been working on. The sign was destined to be used for the Direct Action Committee Against Nuclear War, commonly known as the DAC. The design, an incredibly simple one, combines a circle with two lines positioned like two semaphore letters. Semaphore is used to send information over long distances by the use of flags. Letters N and D represent the words 'nuclear' and 'disarmament' .

Letter N Letter D

'N' is formed by holding a flag in each hand and pointing them both down at an angle, 'D' is formed by holding a flag straight up in the right hand, and holding a flag straight down with the left hand.
The design was first used in the public arena on April 4th, 1958 at a DAC march. The publicity that the symbol received meant that it became known the world over and was used extensively in America by the 1960s as the symbol for the peace movement. 

Today, many of us wear peace symbol pendants. The symbol has never lost it's peace loving traditions and peace symbol pendants can be found in most jewellery stores. Demonstrations in our premier streets in the UK and USA are few. But today we still love the symbolism and heart felt traditions that it represents. It's because of this that fashionistas across the globe still wear the peace sign in pendants and bracelets. Not only are they a sign of a peaceful soul, they also say you're right on trend. Here are just a few for you to covet

There's some beautiful jewellery pendants made using the peace sign you can find them in gold, silver, bone, shell.. pretty much anything that jewellery is made from can be a peace sign, many even feature crystals and diamonds.

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